Gas Furnace / AC

GreenTech’s go to system, often the best solution for a home, in general, is a high efficiency gas furnace coupled with a 16 SEER AC.

Brand wise I’ve done all the main names you’ve heard of over the last couple decades but I’ve been with the Trane Corp (American Standard) since the early 1990’s and its proven itself to be the best option.

Furnace wise, me and every other hvac guy who knows what good advice is, will tell you to stick with the “2 stage, Variable Speed Fan Drive, 96% AFUE, Gas Furnace”. The single stage furnaces are lame and the modulating furnaces are pointless and problematic. Get the one in the middle and call it good. The version I use is green, its reliable, it lives a long long life, its quieter, it makes the house more even, it cleans the air in the homes 24/7, and it uses a fraction of electricity to due the job.

AC wise, I like the 16 SEER tier. They are energy efficient enough to give us some guilt free air conditioning but not so complex and expensive as some of the higher tiers that really are not justified in our climate. Granted the climate seems to be a real charmer these last few summers so maybe my stance on which SEER you need will change but for now I’m leaning into the 16 SEER as the sweet spot for AC’s.

I could do a long page about this that and the other regarding why I stick to the the units I offer but it would be a tough and boring read. The short version is, I like reliable, adaptable, simple, quiet, energy efficient stuff that lives long lives and and changes the user’s experience of the weather and air quality within the home, noticeably for the better.

All our ducted systems like this come with a high end dust and allergy and smoke filter. This big housing allows for the filter to live a very long life and these filters are now available everywhere. Shoddy filters and leaky filter racks are the cause of probably 80% to 90% of all repairs or unhappy customers. The right filter housing and good filter stewardship by you will make your Gas Furnace and AC system a hands off, no techs ever needed, long life, stress free HVAC dream system. Its not even close...

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