Ductless Heat Pumps

The heat pumps we believe in are Daikin Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps. More specifically Daikin’s wall mounted ductless heat pumps are what we focus on and hitch our wagons to.

I don’t offer the “ducted ductless” versions. The kind that are tucked away in attics and crawl spaces. Ceiling cassette types are a no as well. The story of why I boycott these types is a long one. More than I’d tell here. Short version is...they are a bad idea, don’t do it and trust me. We can kick around the longer versions of those stories during my quick visit to chat up wall mounted heat pumps.

Daikin has been at this longer than all the other ductless players out there. Globally there is no bigger HVAC producer than Daikin. They have patented and invented much of the tech under their hood so it makes their brand really stand out from the crowd. They are known to live twice or three times as long as the lesser brands. They even make the refrigerant that runs inside them and that is rare piece of quality control others cannot boast.

They cost more to buy wholesale for me, but that extra cost is more than worth it with regards to life expectancy and performance. They are just built better.

Between 2007 and 2009 I travelled to training labs in three states to get aquatinted with Daikin and see if I could toss them around town with my name attached to them and feel confident. With the tiniest amount of exceptions (all brands toss a lemon off the assembly line once in a while) over all these years this brand has been epically reliable for me.

Ductless technology in general has some weaknesses inherent to them when compared to the “Gas Furnace with an AC” side of life but if you need to go ductless then it just needs to be a Daikin. Daikin has the least amount of weaknesses in a side of our trade that just has weaknesses built into it. To me, your journey will be which Daikin dealer to buy from not which brand of ductless to choose from. Its not even close.

We’ve been at this ductless party for a very long time now. We were early adopters and believers back when hardly any of my peers would touch em. I learned the hard lessons early and those lessons guide what I offer to this day. They say much wisdom comes from failing. Well those early years of the ductless revolution, oh boy did I get wise.... (some grey hairs too)

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Happy New Year 2022 - Message to Clients

Hello GreenTech folks and potential GreenTech folks...

After of summer of nothing on the shelves to sell now I have AC's and some of my favorite ductless units that are now only "weeks away" vs the months away that its been. The only furnace I'll hitch my wagon to is still months out from point of order. Could be only a month but could be up to three months and the target keeps moving.

This leaves me only bidding furnace jobs where you have working heat. I'm not gonna grab your deposit for a furnace while you huddle around a space heater waiting on some unit that may or may not hit town on a given date...The furnace outlook is dismal.

Basically if you have heat, I'll bid your project, if your house is cold as you typed your email to me and you are looking for new gear, we would not be the outfit for the task.

If you are an existing customer with some of my gear in the house already, I can still get parts and I'll be able to help with your cold house. If you don't have any of our equipment in the house, its worth noting that we are only doing repairs for existing customers these days.

So to sum this up; I'm bidding Gas Furnace projects with no time line issues, AC jobs and Ductless Heat Pumps (mini split heat pumps). Also worth noting our first openings for new installs are in January.

If you are calling for a "ducted heat pump" where the heat pump blows it's hot and cold air through your old duct system, we do not bid on those projects anymore and would not be a good resource for you on that style of HVAC.

Thanks for emailing us regardless. We are a hard company to find in this huge HVAC pond we swim in and I'm grateful for all messages we receive. Even when are a bad fit and can't bid the work, I'm thankful you reached out and gave us an opportunity! For sure!

Its a crazy world out there folks...I wish the news was better...stay healthy and keep your heads up!