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Ductless Heat Pump Installation in Portland

Ductless Heat Pump Features:

Highest Efficiency Ratings of any "Air to Air" Heat Pump available
Lower heating bills than traditional heat pumps, gas furnaces or oil furnaces
When properly designed and installed these heat pumps need no "back up heat"
Allows home to have separate zones, saving even more energy
Super Quiet Outdoor units don't disturb neighbors or back yard gatherings
Perfect for heating and cooling spaces with inadequate duct work
Patented Compressors are built with fewer parts to resist breakdowns
Compressor's "soft start" pulls so little energy it can be powered by solar electricity
Depending on weather or room demand system will automatically ramp up or down as needed
Onboard diagnostics and troubleshooting control board
Filters can deodorize and kill microorganisms
Tax Credits


Daikin's Patented Swing Compressor explained

Here's a video explaining Mitsubishi and other rotary compressors


Our Approach to Ductless Heating

These systems are not for everybody
When they are a good fit, there is no better fit
Everybody starts out nervous about the "look" and they always end up loving them
Most homes can have large spaces or multiple rooms done by one well placed unit
Oregon is a perfect climate for heat pumps of any kind and ductless heat pumps in particular
The ability to vary the output of the HVAC system and only run zones as they are needed is the future of residential heating and cooling
We believe Daikin stands alone as the undisputed and long time leader of this industry
GreenTech participates in continual factory training to stay on top of advances in the technology
Our Installations are precise and we follow Factory Guidelines and industry "best practices" to ensure equipment life and performance
Manufactures claim 80% of heat pump failures are due to poor installation, our methods keep us in the 20% side of the debate
Quieter, More efficient, More Comfortable, More Control and Less Stress are the main reasons we love ductless...


Some Daikin Heat Pump News: Daikin has the best air filtration technology in ductless heat pump industry



Daikin Ductless "Mini-Split" Heat Pumps


GreenTech is an expert installer of the Daikin Mini-Split Heat Pumps in the Portland area

daikin mini split heat pumpOften called "Mini Split" units, they are a great solution for homeowners who want to create separate zones for heating and cooling, or for those who want more control over temperatures throughout the home.

Ductless units are the most energy efficient version of an "Air to Air" heat pump you can purchase. These remarkably quiet heat pumps and air conditioners can be placed anywhere around the home without being heard indoors or by the neighbors. When compared to traditional outdoor units there is no comparison. Ductless units are a whisper while operating, while traditional outdoor units can easily create a "noise issue" .

This type of heating and cooling can be a perfect solution for all multi-story homes, old and new. Many homes in the Northwest have duct work designed to heat the home well, but are not built with cooling the home in mind. What this leads to is very cold lower levels and uncomfortably hot bedroom levels. This common complaint can be avoided by a well designed Ductless heat pump or air conditioner. An added bonus built into these units are their ability to filter and dehumidify the indoor air year round. Possibly the best feature a ductless system has to offer is it's ability to vary it's output of energy. If it has a heavy work load during extreme weather it will run at it's higher output levels. When the weather or the demand on the unit is mild the unit will adjust down and only use as much energy as it needs to maintain a proper temperature. It's not and all or nothing piece of equipment.

The high energy savings Ductless units provide allow them to qualify for Federal and State Tax Credits, along with local rebates.



A short video illustrating the features of the Daikin heat pump...


Here's a YouTube video with more detailed information on how heat pumps work:







Daikin Ductless Mini-Split Gallery



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