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New Gas Furnace Features:

lower gas bills
softer stages of heating offer less noise and more even heat
energy saving blower motor allow for constant air filtration, odor and allergen removal
long lasting air filters protect equipment and prevent unnecessary service calls
fresh outside air for combustion allows for furnaces to be hidden in closets
onboard diagnostics to monitor operation and electronically troubleshoot any breakdowns
easy to use touch screen furnace control with smart chip to customize operation to your home
10 year warranties and lifetime Warranties
tax credit



Our gas system specialties are:

oil to gas conversions and gas to gas furnace upgrades
hybrid gas/heat pump systems
furnace relocations and custom duct designs to improve headroom in basements
air flow adjustment for noise reduction and air balancing
add on Air filtration and humidification products
duct Sealing and Insulating
duct Cleaning



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