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GreenTech's focus is on Residential Heating and Cooling. Our two specialties are energy efficient heat pumps and gas furnaces. Over the last several years "Ductless" Heat Pumps are proving to be our strongest niche. We love em' and done right they compete with the mighty Geo Thermal Heat Pump. For us, when all factors are weighed, Ductless systems take the trophy for "Best HVAC Solution" over Geo Thermal. While ductless is not for everyone, they are a huge part of what we do.

Whether you choose traditional heating and cooling or a ductless version, I only buy the best built gear out there and I take my time putting it in. "Brands" do matter and installation quality means everything. Because of our equipment choices and GreenTech's installation methods, we have trouble free systems all over town.

I've spent the better part of 20 years learning the lessons of "quality vs low bid". The short version of what I've learned is that there is no free lunch. Short cuts taken at the factory and short cuts taken in your home lead to low bids, it's true. But, they also lead to disappointment, stress, unhappy clients, and wasted money. In the heating and cooling world, skimping on the front side costs you more money and time on the back side.

Don't let my strict views about brands and installation methods create a price worry. Because we are a small specialty company you can still get the best stuff, put in by the best people, for a price that makes us the easy choice. That's the secret to our success. Larger companies have to churn out the work to stay open, we don't. When a company is under pressure to capture work it leads to you paying more money for cheaper gear, put in faster, by technicians with fewer skills. Not so with us.

Another strength we have is taking on fewer projects. Everybody gets VIP treatment and if any issues arise over the life of the system, our people get immediate customer service. You are not just a number to GreenTech.

Heating and Cooling existing homes is not rocket science but it takes a careful, trained hand to do it well and we do it well. Technology is constantly changing and this makes process, method and business model more important today than ever. Check us out on Angie's List and Portland Yelp.

The GreenTech Team

In the summer of 1993 I started my apprenticeship in residential HVAC. Early on I knew upgrading existing homes was where I excelled and I have remained focused on this area of our trade.

After spending almost 15 years installing, managing and selling for other major metro Portland HVAC companies, I decided I could do it "better than everybody else" and I dreamt up GreenTech. Early in 2007 I started the company and we've since installed hundreds of high end systems all over metro Portland. I'm most proud of our client base and the word of mouth that drives our business.

In addition to HVAC, I've spent the last 10 years running small scale remodel projects. Friendships with a wide variety of tradespeople and knack for bringing them together on one job naturally developed the general contracting side of my work. I spend most of my time heating and cooling the homes but when it applies we can bundle all kinds of home improvements into your contract. If you have other needs besides HVAC let me throw our hat in that ring too.

Abe is my HVAC co-pilot over here and often takes the lead on the projects. He started his apprenticeship in his early 20's and now in his 30's he's a certified Journeyman right in his prime. Homeowner's love him which is a must for me but equally important to me is that other trades people really like working around him on the job. This easy going vibe is huge for me as far as how smooth the projects go and the quality of our finished product.

Why Abe is so important to GreenTech is that he gets that we are trying to build a business that allows for the M-F grind to be fun and something to look forward to. He wants to create a catalog of well built systems around town with his name on it, all owned by clients who are happy they chose us and who tell others about us. For Abe it is a simple formula; do good work, make the people love us, build a good a life. He's GreenTech gold as far as I'm concerned but for you, the client, he's gold too! I try and make sure there is strong list of reasons why you should hire GreenTech and Abe is way up at the top of that list.

One hurdle for Abe and myself is we both love the same live music and music festivals so trying to not both be gone at the same time is brutal. Mostly we have to flip a coin or make wagers to see who stays behind for GreenTech biz. Summers are tough on us!

The "master plumber", Terry has been plumbing his whole adult life. Over the last few years I have used Terry on just about every kind of residential plumbing project there is. Clients love him because of how easy going he is in the home. Many tradesmen avoid talking to the client if they have concerns. With Terry, I get great feedback from people on the way he handles issues as they come up. Trying to retro fit plumbing in some of these old homes can be a nightmare and coming up with unique solutions is Terry's specialty.

I have worked with Don for almost 15 years. He's wired countless HVAC systems for me and been my guy for remodel work too. Many homeowners want to upgrade their meters and breaker panels when they add Heating and Cooling equipment and with Don onboard we can handle everything in one project. I've met few people in the last 20 years that can match his speed or problem solving skills. He helps our jobs run smooth and is a big part of our success.

Here is a member of the team who can do it all when it comes to residential construction. Like most of us, he's spent his whole career in the trades. Carpentry and framing ties him up much of the time but his focus is on his roofing business. He has spent over 15 years specializing in roofing.

Many of GreenTech's projects include cutting into existing roofs for new piping or mounting equipment. Having Justin on the team allows us to retro fit our gear with no worries about creating water leaks. He rolls in behind us to make sure the roof has been retro fitted properly and can stand up for the life of the roof. It's a small part of the work we do but some of the most important.

If it's gotta be demolished, it's gotta be Der! Many projects have parts of the structure that need to come down without harming other parts of the structure. Often times chimneys need to go away, so the kitchen can grow or the new attic remodel can gain some space. This type of demo work needs a careful hand, not the wild swing of a hammer.

I asked trusted friends in the industry to point me to a demolition guy I could trust. I was told about Der and his crew. I'm leery of working with new people, but the gentleman who referred me to him was right on. Der is a pro's pro, and the work they do is amazing. So for all of you who thought bringing a chimney down without "tearing up the house" was a big deal, no worries, piece of cake!

We use an old established company that uses proven methods of cleaning ductwork. There are several ways to go about cleaning ductwork. The style of duct cleaning you get, when GreenTech does it, is the only style that doesn't risk making your air dirtier after the cleaning. I've partnered with them because they are a family run outfit and make us look good after every job. If you'd like more details on what makes a duct cleaning worthwhile versus a waste of money, ask me for more details.

GreenTech uses a team of expert drywall techs. These guys are borderline artists in how they texture match. Often opening up a wall and hiding new pipes or wires can really add to the overall quality and appearance of our work. Clients are understandably hesitant to have the walls and ceilings cut into. Not to worry, I've used this outfit for almost 10 years on countless patches and I don't bat an eye when cutting holes into plaster or sheetrock. When they are done you'll never know we were there.


If you've made it this far down the page...thank you for taking the time to look us up. We work hard to stand out from the crowd and I'm very proud of the GreenTech Team. As I stated at the top of the page, if your are out shopping for someone to take on a project for you, then your search is over. We're right here, ready to go.

Scott Akin


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